9x9 modular matrix chassis, 2U
1 card 1 port
3 types of I/O cards for selections
Supports WEB GUI/ RS232/ APP control/ Front buttons
One power supply module
Modular designing chassis

1 channel 1 card, supports DVI-I/ HDMI/ 3GSDI/ HDBaseT/ Fiber to mix input and output

Support seamless switching between all the signals

4-core 4 links processing chipset provides up t0 32GBPS signal switching processing ability

Front buttons with background lights, easier to operate at any time

Support EDID automatic recognition and compatible with HDCP

Support 3.5mm audio embedded and de-embedd function

Support 4K60, HDMI2.0 444 digital HD video signal transmission and seamless switching

Support 3D image frequency repairing, pixel reread processing function

Support scaling up/down function via the DIP switch

Support dual LAN ports backup control and centralization network management function

Support hot-plug function

Support auto saving protection and auto recovery function while power cut
Description 9x9 modular chassis
Input Card 1 Channel 1 Card, support HDMI, DVI, 3GSDI, VGA, YPBPR, CVBS, HDBaseT, Fiber Optic
Output Card 1 Channel 1 Card, support HDMI, DVI, 3GSDI, VGA, YPBPR, CVBS, HDBaseT, Fiber Optic
Protocol HDMI1.4a/ HDMI2.0, DVI1.0, compatible with HDCP and EDID function
Color Space RGB444, YUV444, YUV422, support x.v.Color extension color gamut standard
Resolution 640x480---1920x1200@60Hz(VESA), 480i---4K30Hz(HDTV), 4K60Hz
Data Speed 12.5Gbps
Transmission distance 70/100m(Cat6), 80Km(Single-mode), 20m(Digital cable), 25m(Analog cable)
Control Methods Broadcasting switching button, dual RS232+LAN control
Dimension 482*390*88(2U)mm
Weight 6KG(No cards)
Consumption 17W(No cards)
Power Supply AC 110V-240V  50/60HZ
Working Temp -10℃ - 50℃
Storage Temp -25℃ - 55℃


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