TSV-SMX44 4X4 Seamless HDMI matrix & 2x2 Video Wall Controller

·Any one of the 4 HDMI sources to any one of the 4 displays ·Seamless switching ensures no signal delay and no single loss,  the switching speed   is less than 0.03  second.
 ·Support 2x2 video wall mode.
 ·Any one of the four outputs can be turned off independently
 ·Support high definition resolutions, including: 1080p@60Hz@36 b/pixels, 1080i,  720p and other  standard video formats
 ·With panel button, Remote Control, RS232 Control, IP Control to select the source
 ·1 U rack design, easy installment
 ·DC 12V 3A power supply 
35,900 THB
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