Digital Lectern S600

Digital Podium with Mic., Screen Auto lift, Touch AIO PC/Writable screen 19"-21.5", Steel+Wood Configuration S600F/S600Q

Digital Lectern S600

Material:main body with 1.2-1.5mm steel plate; desk top with wood Dimension:closed size 1100*750*1005mm,open size 1550*750*1070mm(L*W*H) Screen size: 19, 21.5inch (16:9)
1. Podium body corner circular arc is used to design, to prevent bruising;
2. Providing independent door, to facilitate putting DVD,VCD;
3. Equipped with laptop interface/port (one is for VGA, one is for AUDIO, two is for USB, one is for internet, one is for power supply, one is for microphone);
4. The desk is designed according to the standard cabinet size, all the equipment are neatly arranged.
5. Teacher's working station special for K-12 school, college and university smart classroom;




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