TSV-EX22TX 120M HDMI extender over IP

รหัส :TSV-EX22 TX

ยี่ห้อ : TIS

รุ่น : TSV-EX22 TX

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1).Compatible HDCP.
2).Supports 1080p and 720p video, plus 2-channel audio
3).Uses off-the-shelf gigabit IP switches for extension and distribution
4).Plug-and-play operation - no programming or setup required
5).Extends 1080p HDMI signals up to 120m over a single Cat5e/6 cable
6).Traffic can unicast,multicast or broadcast for different applications
7).Allows Wideband IR remote control of sources devices.
8). Use ethernet switches to achieve large cascade

Inputs                                  Transmitter: 1HDMI ( Female Type A )    Receiver: 1x RJ45
Outputs                               Transmitter: 1x RJ45     Receiver:1HDMI ( Female Type A )
Box Dimensions                   205mm[L] x 155mm [W] x 57mm[H]                                         


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