TSV-314E HDMI splitter 1x4

รหัส : TSV-314E

ยี่ห้อ : TIS

รุ่น : TSV-314E

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TIS 1 in 4 out 4Kx2K HDMI Splitter. HDMI splitter & extender. Support 3D & 

ultra-HD res. 4Kx2K.

TSV-314 3D 1x4 HDMI splitter distributes 1 HDMI source to 4 HDMI displays simultaneously. It offers HD video solution for super market; shopping Mall; HDTV, STB, DVD and projector factory; data control centre; information distribution; conference room presentation; education and training, corporation show room, luxurious house, etc. It supports 3D.

3,600 THB
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