TSV-EX36 TX H.264 HDMI over IP Extender, with LED, Remote, RS232


H.264 HDMI over IP Extender, with LED, Remote, RS232

1). Using H.264 compression encoding, support resolution up to 1080p@60hz
2). Comply with TCP/IP protocol, streaming bit rate is 15Mbps
3). Transmit up to 120m over single Cat5e/6 cable, with 1x looping HDMI output
4). With 1x looping HDMI output
5). Support LPCM audio format
6). Support Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
7). Wide-band IR control (38khz to 56khz)
8). With IR Remote to choose the source, with LED to show the Group ID
9). By pass 2 way UART/RS232 (Up to 115200), use remote controller to select 8 group Baud rate
10). Support one to one, one to many, many to one, many to many modes, with large cascade
11). Support PC tool control
12). Compatible with Video Player such as VLC etc
13). HDCP Compliant
14). DC 5V 1A power supply
15). Size: L119xW79.5xH28mm

Inputs                                  Transmitter: 1HDMI,   Receiver: 1x RJ45              
Outputs                               Transmitter: 1x RJ45, 1HDMI   Receiver: 1HDMI 
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